Monthly Archives: May 2013

Using TFS Kanban Column State to the warehouse

For a while I have been wondering and querying if it is possible to see or use the customizable Kanban columns in the warehouse for reporting purposes. The answer many times come up as no. Having done a lot of customisation of TFS lately I decided to take a stab at it. Below is my […]


TFS Api – May 2013 Release

Earlier this month it was announced that we are working on an API that wraps around the current TFS API. We have now released the first publicly available release of the API. Our first release is focused on the Administration of TFS, below is a quick over of what you can find when trolling through […]


Persisting Modern UI for WPF styles

About 2 weeks ago I blogged about Creating a Modern UI for WPF, the template by default doesn’t persist styles selected in the settings menu through application launches. So I’m going to give you the steps required to make this feature happen to complete feel of the template . First follow all the steps in the previous […]



The point of this Project is to get community members to develop a TFS API that does exactly what the API provided by Microsoft does just in a simple to use way. The API will expose bits and pieces of the underlining API with Basic implementations that use as many defaults as possible and more […]